• Is homoeopathy safe and how does it work?
    Yes, homoeopathy is safe for all. In this, person's immunity is stimulated to heal using small dose of medicine. It is based on the principle of similiasimilibuscurantur (likes are cured by likes).

  • Who should take homoeopathic medicines ?
    Patients of all ages can take homoeopathic medicines under supervision. Even patients undergoing treatment under other systems of medicines such as Allopathy, Ayurveda etc can also take homoeopathic medicines simultaneously.

  • Which ailments are best cured by homoeopathic medicines ?
    Nearly all ailments are cured by these medicines. However if you are suffering from recurrent cough and cold, catch flu or viral easily, are on regular anti-depressants or suffering from some chronic disease such as skin ailments, it works best.

  • Is homoeopathy safe during pregnancy ?
    Yes, it is absolutely safe to take homoeopathy medicines during ante natal and post natal period.

  • Is homoeopathy slow ?
    No, it is not. In acute diseases, the ailment gets cured in 3 to 5 days. However, in chronic diseases which have been there for months or years, it takes time.

  • Does homoeopathy increase the intensity of disease before curing ?
    No, not to the extent that any one notices it.

  • Do homoeopathy medicines contains steroids ?
    No, they do not contain steroids.

  • Should all allopathic medicines be stopped while taking homoeopathy medicines ?
    No, one should continue to take these medicines. However, these are gradually tapered off and stopped depending upon the patient's response.

  • Do we need to stop consumption of onion, garlic, tea, coffee etc while taking homoeopathy medicine ?
    No, all you need to do is - not to have anything 15 minutes 'before' and 'after' consuming the medicine for better absorption of medicine.